History and creation of the site

Eorzea World was created in 2020 in local version, initially to improve my development skills in Yii2, Php and Javascript.

The second objective was to serve as an information support that allows me to gather the data that is most useful to me in the game.

The first pages were intended for hunting and a base tracker had been developed.

Quickly the hunting pages remained, and the tracker was abandoned (and finally fully developed at the beginning of 2022).

Other pages came to expand the site gradually over the months to gather all the most useful information I needed in game.

In 2021, after I finally decided, the site was put online on a host with a domain name, which will thus avoid ads for users.

The goal is to help players as much as possible, whether they are French people, but also English people because the site is translated into both languages.

I make sure to gather all the useful information to make it easier to find what you may need in Final Fantasy XIV.

The site also has regular improvements on certain pages with the aim of improving the content as often as possible.

Don't hesitate to let me know your feelings and ideas for improvement in relation to the site via Twitter or the contact form.


Wylath, developer and creator of Eorzea World