Wachumeqimeqi Deliveries


Wachumeqimeqi Deliveries are of the same type as Studium Deliveries. Each Disciple of the Hand or Land will be able to progress through one of five series of quests associated with the different facets of the Crystalline Mean. Each delivery requires 6 turn-ins of 1 item. The items require a certain level of collection value, knowing that that a green collection value will allow you to earn more rewards. It's also possible to "mix and match" which class is getting the experience, as you can make any number of turn-ins at a time.


Quest : Wrought in Wachumeqimeqi

Quest Giver : Ropli

Tuliyollal X: 16.2 Y: 11.2

XRral Soj Metalwares

Quest : Your Friendly Neighborhood Metalworker

Quest Giver : Rral Soj

Blacksmith, Armorer, or Goldsmith Lv. 90

Tuliyollal X: 16.9 Y: 11.0

Requirements Items

Lvl 90 Reed Scythe x6

Lvl 93 Tortilla Press x6

Lvl 95 Lightweight Lantern x6

Lvl 95 (Quest) Fulcrum x1

Lvl 98 Ceremonial Censer x6

Lvl 100 (Quest) Solar Reflector x1

Epistles by Pameka

Quest : Pameka, the Scrivener

Quest Giver : Pameka

Carpenter, Leatherworker, or Weaver Lv. 90

Tuliyollal X: 16.6 Y: 11.3

Requirements Items

Lvl 90 Handcrafted Cover Components x6

Lvl 93 Pelupelu Cover Components x6

Lvl 95 Moblin Cover Components x6

Lvl 95 (Quest) Yok Huy Cover x1

Lvl 98 Mamool Ja Cover Components x6

Lvl 100 (Quest) Tonawawtan Cover Components x1

Xeerol Ja Juicecraft

Quest : Blame It on My Juice

Quest Giver : Xeerol Ja

Alchemist or Culinarian Lv. 90

Tuliyollal X: 16.4 Y: 11.0

Requirements Items

Lvl 90 Cherimoya Juice x6

Lvl 93 Fermented Aloe Juice x6

Lvl 95 Ja Tiika Juice x6

Lvl 95 (Quest) Kukuru Pulp Juice x1

Lvl 98 Prickly Pear Juice x6

Lvl 100 (Quest) Boonewa Soda x1

Shunye's Apothecary

Quest : Hands for Hire

Quest Giver : Greying Gatherer

Miner or Botanist Lv. 90

Tuliyollal X: 15.9 Y: 11.3

Requirements Items

Lvl 90 Shunye's Apothecary Staple x6

Lvl 93 Shunye's Apothecary Spiritual x6

Lvl 95 Household Cleansing Supplies x6

Lvl 95 (Quest) Precious Material x1

Lvl 98 Deep Earth Fragment x6

Lvl 100 (Quest) Azure Fragment x1

Fish Fancies Donuhanu

Quest : Fishmonger Blues

Quest Giver : Donuhanu

Fisher Lv. 90

Tuliyollal X: 17.1 Y: 11.2

Requirements Items

Lvl 90 King Puffer x6

Lvl 93 Yok Huy Pleco x6

Lvl 95 Qor Pirarucu x6

Lvl 95 (Quest) Cenote Shark x1

Lvl 98 Raging Hanuhead x6

Lvl 100 (Quest) Fulmisturgeon x1