Deep DungeonEureka Orthos


Eureka Orthos is an ever-changing dungeon whose architecture is never quite the same each time players enter the tower. All players will begin at level 81, and only by fighting the enemies within will they be able to gain the strength and experience needed to explore its depths.


Quest: Delve into Myth

Guide for the base of deep dungeon: Play guide (Lodestone)


To help you complete the EO increase your aetherpool to the maximum and use the following consumables :

Recommended youtube channel for solo clear videos from floors 1 to 100 : Angelusdemonus (EN)


Gold Coffers

Gold Coffers

Gold Coffers may yield pomanders. The coffer will remain even if these items already exceed the inventory limit.

Warning : This chest can transform into Mimic, the higher you go up the floors, the more chances that they will transform into Mimics will be increased.

Silver Coffers

Silver Coffers

Silver Coffers may strengthen aetherpool arms and armor or contain demiclones. However, there is a possibility that the strengthening effects will not take hold even if players' weapons and gear are not at maximum level.

Opening these coffers will have no effect if the players' weapons and gear are at their maximum level of strength. Weapons and armor are strengthened separately, and one or the other will be randomly selected for each player.

Warning : This chest can explode, which causes enormous damage, the more you go up in the floors, the more the chances that they explode will be increased. This can be useful to the solo tank when they want to finish off a monster faster.

Bronze Coffers

Bronze Coffers

Bronze Coffers may yield normal items such as potions or Orthos Aetherpool Fragment, which can be exchanged for special items with the Synthesis Node in Crick in Mor Dhona (X:34.9 Y:19.0).

This is the only way to get Orthos Potion through the exchange of Orthos Aetherpool Fragment, try to get as many as possible, you will need a lot for your solo try in the upper floors.

Floor Effects

Floor Effects Description
Auto-heal Penalty HP regeneration for all part members is disabled.
Blindness Accuracy of all party members is reduced.
Damage Penalty Damage dealt by all party members is reduced.
Gloom Enemy movement speed is increased. Enemies also deal more damage while taking less.
Haste Weaponskill recast time, spell recast time, and auto-attack delay for all party members are reduced.
HP/MP Boost Maximum HP and MP of all party members are increased.
HP Penalty Maximum HP of all party members is reduced.
Inability Use of abilities is prohibited for all party members.
Item Penalty Use of items (including pomanders) is prohibited for all party members.
Knockback Penalty Knockback and draw-in effects for both enemies and allies are disabled.
Sprint Penalty Use of the action Sprint is prohibited for all party members.
Sprint Movement speed increases for you and your teammates.
Demiclone Penalty Use of demiclones is prohibited for all party members.




Silences and applies pacification to anybody in the radius (including mobs). Both are removable with Esuna, and Echo Drops can remove the silence.



Turns the person who stepped on it into a owlet for 30 seconds, who has reduced HP and cannot use any skills/items. You should never run into a room when fighting.

Land Mine

Land Mine

Deals 80% current health damage to anything in the vicinity. Can be used to clear out a lot of mobs quickly.

If you use a tp or jump spell directly when approaching the mine, you can avoid damage and only monsters take damage.



Summons 3 random monsters from the room (including patrols). All will attack the person who hit the trap, it will take a few seconds after being summoned to move.

Above floor 90+, as a party, stay away from the person who will advance first. If he triggers the trap, do not attack the monsters, let the person die in a corner to reset the aggro of the monsters that appear and resuscitate the person.



Applies a 1 minute debuff to the person who stepped on it, increasing damage taken by 20% and reducing damage dealt by 20%. Not removable with Esuna.

Traps will spawn randomly in any floor except the starting room. To minimize the chance of stepping on a trap, hug the walls and trace paths that your teammates take.


When opening a chest, it can turn into Mimic. These monsters automatically attack with high damage, and can apply a nasty 10 minute debuff Accursed Pox on one random player on their aggro list. This debuff is only curable with the Pomander of Purity, and prevents HP from regenerating (even out of combat) while reducing damage dealt by roughly 10%.

Avoid opening chests unnecessarily when you don't need them. Mimics appear from the following specific chests :

  • Floor 1 - 30 : Bronze Coffers
  • Floor 31 - 60 : Silver Coffers
  • Floor 61+ : Gold Coffers

Their casting of Accursed Pox can be interrupted using spells that apply silence.



Accumulate as much Pomander as possible at the start of your ascent, you need to be at the maximum Pomander in each category when you start floors 71+.

Keep as many Safety, Sight, Strength, Steel, Affluence, Flight, Lethargy, Dread, Storms, and demiclone as possible for floors 91+.

Use Pomander mainly when you have too much of it and can't pick up the one you find.

Keep the Onion demiclone you find to use one if needed on boss 90 and one on 99 if you are just in time. Because these do a lot of damage and big heals.

The Doga demiclone will be practical on the monsters of the floors, they apply a Petrification to any monsters.

The Unei demiclone will be useful to have a barrier that will reduce the damage received in addition to the dps made on the monsters.

Pomanders Description
Pomander of Safety Removes all traps from the current floor.
Pomander of Sight Reveals the current floor's map and the location of all hidden traps.
Pomander of Strength Increases damage dealt and HP recovered via healing magic by 30%.
Pomander of Steel Decreases damage received by 40%.
Pomander of Affluence Increases the number of treasure coffers on the next floor.
Pomander of Flight Decreases the number of enemies on the next floor.
Pomander of Alteration Changes the enemy occupying a random room on the next floor into a mimic or a mandragora.
Pomander of Purity Removes the Pox status.
Pomander of Fortune Increases the chance enemies on the current floor will drop treasure coffers.
Pomander of Witching Transforms all targets within range into a frog, imp, or chicken.
Pomander of Serenity Removes all enchantments from the current floor.
Pomander of Intuition Reveals the current floor's hidden traps.
Pomander of Raising Instantly raises the first party member to be KOd.
Protomander of Lethargy Slows all enemies on the current floor.
Protomander of Dread Transforms user into a dreadnaught.
Protomander of Storms Reduces the HP of all enemies on the current floor to a single digit.
Unei demiclone A tomestone containing data on Unei. Read the data with the demiclone generator to enable the creation of an Unei demiclone.
Doga demiclone A tomestone containing data on Doga. Read the data with the demiclone generator to enable the creation of a Doga demiclone.
Onion demiclone A tomestone containing data on Onion. Read the data with the demiclone generator to enable the creation of an Onion demiclone.


Each monster will have a danger level assigned party or solo as well as the type of aggro.

Difficulty level

  • Easy

    One of the easiest monsters to face in a large number of classes. It is recommended to attack there as a priority in order to access the next floor.

  • Caution

    These monsters should be attacked with caution, some can do heavy damage to you.

  • Scary

    These monsters alone can wipe your party, be very, very careful.

  • Impossible

    Do not touch it, unless you are using Pomander of Witching.

Aggro type

  • Sight

    Monsters that aggro on sight can only aggro people who pass in their field of vision, therefore in a small cone in front of them. It will sometimes be necessary to wait until they turn around to be able to pass behind them.

  • Sound

    Monsters that aggro by sound will attack you if you run near them. If you don't move, or if you activate the walk mode, you can easily dodge them, as long as you don't touch them because it remains sensitive to the touch. You can even use your skills next to them without them attacking you. Be careful not to trigger a trap nearby, they will hear it and attack you.

  • Proximity

    Monsters that aggro by proximity are difficult to avoid if you enter their detection range. This varies depending on the monster, for example, Mimics have a very large one.

Hey! If you see me next to a monster's name, that means you can view the full list of spells it uses if you click on the table row.

Dread Beast

Dread beasts are monsters that will easily kill your team if you attack them like any other monsters.

They can be present on any floors, but remains relatively rare, their presence will be signaled upon arrival of a floor by the phrase "A dread beast stalks this floors...".

You will also recognize them by their menacing red aura. If you are not in full team, or even for simple security, once aggro, use a pottery of Storms to put the monster at 1 hp.

Once dead this one will apply a powerful buff to you lasting 30 minutes.

Monster Description Min - Max Floor Solo Difficulty Party Difficulty Aggro Type Patrol
Meracydian Clone Applies the "Damage Up" bonus to his death: Damage dealt is increased. 1 - 98ImpossibleImpossible Sight No
Lamia Queen Applies the "Rehabilitation" bonus to his death: Regenerating HP over time. 1 - 98ImpossibleImpossible Sight No
Demi-CochmaApplies the "Vulnerability Down" bonus to his death: Damage taken is reduced. 1 - 98ImpossibleImpossible Sight No

Floor 1 - 10

Monster Description Min - Max Floor Solo Difficulty Party Difficulty Aggro Type Patrol
Orthoiron Claw 1 - 3EasyEasy Proximity No
Orthos Imp 1 - 3EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Succubus 1 - 3EasyEasy Sight Yes
Orthos Dahak 1 - 4EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Grenade Do not stay in the melee when casting Big Burst. 3 - 6CautionCaution Sight No
Orthos Vassago 4 - 6EasyEasy Sight Yes
Orthos Demon 4 - 6EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Behemoth Kill him quickly when he casts his meteor because it will do a lot of damage. 5 - 9CautionCaution Sight No
Orthos Water Sprite 6 - 9EasyEasy Proximity No
Orthos Bhoot 6 - 9EasyEasy Sound No
Undead Orthos Dragon 8 - 9EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Fachan 7 - 9EasyEasy Sight Yes
Orthos Thanatos 8 - 9EasyEasy Sound No

Boss Floor 10 : Gancanagh

When the boss casts Authoritative Shriek, watch the mines that have electrical emanation, they will explode shortly after the boss casts. When the boss places his proximity AoE with Mandrafoudre, the mines will explode in sequence, wait on the first ones for the third ones to be marked, once spotted, go stand on the third ones while the first mines explode.

Spells :

Authoritative Shriek : Triggers the cast of Mandrashock by the Pachypodium Mines.

Mandrastorm : Proximity AoE under the boss that will trigger the sequential cast of Mandrashock by the Pachypodium Mines.

Add Floor 10 : Pachypodium Mine

Spells :

Mandrashock : Large circle AoE untelegraphed that deals magic damage and a stack of Vulnerability Up.

Floor 11 - 20

Monster Description Min - Max Floor Solo Difficulty Party Difficulty Aggro Type Patrol
Orthos Spirulina 11 - 13EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Keter 11 - 13EasyEasy Sight Yes
Great Orthos Morbol 11 - 14EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Netzach 11 - 14EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Microsystem 13 - 16EasyEasy Proximity No
Orthos Belladonna 14 - 16EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Wood Golem 14 - 16EasyEasy Sight Yes
Orthosoldier 15 - 18EasyEasy Sight No
Orthosystem β 16 - 19EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Rafflesia 16 - 19EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Groundskeeper 17 - 19EasyEasy Sight Yes
Orthohunter 18 - 19EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Sawtooth Be careful that the party doesn't stay behind once he has finished his frontal attack. 18 - 19EasyCaution Sight No
Cloning Node

Boss Floor 20 : Cloning Node

When the boss targets the clones to give the order to attack, stand close to a clone if no clone opposing it has been targeted. Hold the order of the targeted clones for the Order Relay to move into a safe zone in time after the first attack of the clones.

Spells :

Offensive Command : Orders the targeted clones to launch the next attack.

Piercing Laser : Column AoE in front of the boss which inflicts heavy damage.

Order Relay : Orders the targeted clones to launch the next attack. This will be done in wave shift for the clones targeted just after.

Add Floor 20 : Cloned Shield Dragon

Spells :

Flame Breath : Very large cone telegraphed in front of the Cloned Shield Dragon that inflicts a stack of Vulnerability Up in addition to damage.

Floor 21 - 30

Monster Description Min - Max Floor Solo Difficulty Party Difficulty Aggro Type Patrol
Orthosdemolisher Has a self-destruct that will trigger once low HP. Kill him quickly. 21 - 23CautionCaution Proximity No
Orthogiant 21 - 23EasyEasy Sight Yes
Orthos Wyvern 21 - 23EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Brobinyak 21 - 24CautionCaution Sight No
Orthoknight Be very careful when attacking this enemy, he will first do a pull spell followed directly by an AoE around him which does a lot of damage. Stay away or use Arm's Length. 23 - 26ScaryScary Sight No
Orthodroid 25 - 28EasyEasy Sight No
Orthoblue Dragon 25 - 28EasyEasy Sight No
Lesser Orthos Dragon 24 - 27EasyEasy Sight Yes
Orthos Biast 25 - 28EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Vouivre This enemy can randomly cast a very large area attack that will grant a stack of Vulnerability Up while out of combat. 26 - 29EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Vanara 27 - 29CautionCaution Sight Yes
Orthoshelled Dragon Don't let him cast his Diamondback when possible, then he will take longer to kill. 28 - 29EasyEasy Sight No
Orthokaliya 28 - 29EasyEasy Sight No
Tiamat Clone

Boss Floor 30 : Tiamat Clone

Generally pay attention to the appearance of adds in AoE which will advance either in line or randomly, if you are hit by an add you will take a stack of Vulnerability Up. For the melee that receive Whei Morn's attack, wait to place the first AoE on one side of the melee boss, once the first circle appears, go stand opposite the hitbox, you won't be hit and you can keep attacking.

Spells :

Creature of Darkness : Long line AoE on the edge of the arena below the boss which spawns a line of Dark Wanderer.

Dark Wyrmwing : AoE all over the arena with only the middle part in front of the head of the safe boss. This attack spawns Dark Wanderer at the edges of the arena on either side.

Dark Megaflare : Spawns circle AoE telegraphed over much of the arena. AoE detonate to make way for Dark Wanderer. This attack will repeat several times with AoE randomly placed.

Whei Morn : A person will be randomly targeted by the boss, a series of circles AoE will appear and follow the target person. Wait for the first AoE to appear and stand far enough away to avoid being hit. No one should be in the path of the attack. After each explosion Dark Wanderer will appear.

Dark Wyrmtail : AoE all over the middle of the arena in front of the boss. Dark Wanderer will appear right after.

Add Floor 30 : Dark Wanderer

Spells :

Floor 31 - 40

Monster Description Min - Max Floor Solo Difficulty Party Difficulty Aggro Type Patrol
Orthos Mirrorknight 31 - 33EasyEasy Sight Yes
Orthoiksalion 31 - 34EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Shabti 31 - 34CautionCaution Sight No
Orthobug 31 - 34EasyEasy Proximity No
Orthospider Be very careful not to stay close to this enemy when he casts Particle Collision, otherwise you will suffer the Mini debuff, and if he hits you with the next attack it will be a fatal blow. 32 - 35CautionCaution Sound No
Orthos Lamia 33 - 36EasyEasy Sight No
Orthonaga 34 - 36EasyEasy Sight Yes
Orthotaur Pay attention to his attack on himself as well as his untelegraphed attack in front of him. 35 - 38CautionCaution Sight No
Orthochimera Move away for his Ram attack and stay close for the Dragon. 35 - 38CautionCaution Proximity No
Orthoempuse Be careful to push it by this enemy, tank it with your back to the wall. 36 - 39EasyEasy Sound No
Phantom Orthoray Be extremely careful with this patroller, it has two large attacks that will kill you on the first hit. Go behind for the Forearming and move away for the Atmospheric Displacement. 36 - 39CautionCaution Sight Yes
Orthopredator 36 - 39EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Reptoid Has a Berserk that grants him a buff while out of combat, before attacking him, check if the buff is active on him or not. 36 - 39EasyEasy Sight No
Twintania Clone

Boss Floor 40 : Twintania Clone

Remember to move at the end of Twister cast as well as during the boss Twisting Dive. Do not walk in a place where one of your teammates will have passed at the risk of taking his AoE. During the Turbine, stand under the boss and aim for an area where there is no cyclone.

Spells :

Twister : Puts a small green AoE under all players at the end of the cast, this will instantly kill players who step into it.

Meracydian Cyclone : Puts cyclones all over the battle arena.

Meracydian Squall : Telegraphed circle AoE will appear under players' feet four times in a row.

Turbine : This attack will eject all players to the outside. It is necessary to go under the boss and aim for an area without a cyclone.

Twisting Dive : The boss leaves the combat zone and prepares an attack in line on all the arena. Look where it appears. Be careful at the end of the cast, when it goes down, green AoE will appear under the feet of the players as for Twister. Which will also kill you if you don't move.

Floor 41 - 50

Monster Description Min - Max Floor Solo Difficulty Party Difficulty Aggro Type Patrol
Orthos Bergthurs Pay close attention to the Elbow Drop when you are in party and behind him. This attack can kill you. 41 - 43EasyCaution Proximity No
Orthos Abaia 41 - 44EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Acheron Watch out for his Quake spell, which will kill anyone hit, if you don't have time to kill him, you can interrupt him or hide behind a wall. 41 - 44ScaryScary Sight Yes
Orthos Huwasi 41 - 44EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Spriggan 41 - 44EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Hedetet 44 - 46CautionCaution Sight No
Orthos Kelpie Be careful not to stay in the melee after his charge, he will launch an AoE around him shortly after. 45 - 47CautionCaution Sight Yes
Orthos Goobbue 45 - 48EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Mudman 45 - 48EasyEasy Proximity No
Orthos Kukulkan 46 - 49EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Gelato Watch out for his Explosion once low in HP. Kill him quickly. 46 - 49CautionCaution Sight No
Orthos Apa 46 - 49EasyEasy Proximity No
Orthos Hoarhound It has a Abyssal Cry that will inflict a stun on anyone hit. Hide behind a wall if you don't have time to kill him fast enough. If you're stunned, it'll be sure death for you if he's still alive. 47 - 49ScaryScary Sight Yes
Servomechanical Chimera 14X

Boss Floor 50 : Servomechanical Chimera 14X

Stay away if it's his Ram/Ice attack, or under the boss if it's his Dragon/Thunder attack. Look at the order given by the boss to the attacks in the names. When he summons the Cacophony, kite them until they explode by themselves a few moments later and do not step on another player's orb, otherwise you will take the explosion that will follow.

Spells :

Songs of Ice and Thunder : Explosion of an ice AoE in a circle under the boss first followed shortly after The Dragon's Voice.

The Dragon's Voice : an AoE of lightning in donuts around the boss that inflicts magic damage and Paralysis.

Rightbreathed Cold : Very high AoE on the entire right side of the boss that deals magic damage, Deep Freeze, and a stack of Vulnerability Up.

Cold Thunder : Link to stretch it until the arrows disappear. This mechanic will be quickly followed by The Ram's Voice and right after by The Dragon's Voice.

The Ram's Voice : Ice AoE in a circle under the boss that deals magic damage, Deep Freeze, and a stack of Vulnerability Up.

Leftbreathed Thunder : Very high AoE on the whole left side of the boss which deals magic damage, Paralysis and a stack of Vulnerability Up.

Cacophony : Summons Cacophony Orbs that will bind to and follow each person.

Thunderous Cold : Link to stretch it until the arrows disappear. This mechanic will be quickly followed by The Dragon's Voice and right after by The Ram's Voice.

Songs of Thunder and Ice : The Dragon's Voice first followed shortly by an Ice AoE explosion in a circle under the boss.

Add Floor 50 : Cacophony

Spells :

Chaotic Chorus : The Cacophony explodes in a large, untelegraphed circle that deals damage, Paralysis, and a stack of Vulnerability Up.

Floor 51 - 60

Monster Description Min - Max Floor Solo Difficulty Party Difficulty Aggro Type Patrol
Orthos Ymir Watch out for Gelid Charge which leaves a Ice Spikes, which can do a lot of damage to attackers. He may be Stun. 51 - 53CautionCaution Sight No
Orthos Rockfin Watch out for his Aqua Spear, which will be fatal to you if you don't hide behind the decorations to cancel his attack. 51 - 54CautionCaution Sight Yes
Orthos Oceanus 51 - 54EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Ice Sprite Once the elemental is at 1 HP, it cannot be killed, it will use Hypothermal Combustion to explode and kill the players to wear. 51 - 59CautionCaution Sight No
Orthos Banshee 52 - 55EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Leech 53 - 56EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Yabby Inflicts a Pesanter followed by an AoE which will drop you very low in hit points if you stay in it. 55 - 57CautionCaution Sight Yes
Orthos Craklaw 55 - 58EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Big Claw Watch out for his Crab Dribble attack which is launched behind him. 55 - 58EasyCaution Sight No
Orthos Bombfish 56 - 59EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Piranu 56 - 59EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Zaratan Be very attentive to his cast of Sewer Water, as soon as he cast his attack, quickly move away or you will receive a blow that will be fatal to you, he will first do once in front or behind him, then very quickly at oppose it. 56 - 59ScaryScary Sound No
Orthos Stingray Jumps on the player which throws them backwards. 57 - 59EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Monk Pay attention to his Sucker spell which is an attraction spell followed by an attack around him. Hide behind the decorations or move away once attracted. 57 - 59CautionCaution Proximity Yes
Servomechanical Minotaur 16

Boss Floor 60 : Servomechanical Minotaur 16

Retain 2 sides where there is no orb for the order of attacks to make it easier.

Spells :

Octuple Swipe : The boss will telegraphed the next attacks it will make. When finished, he will execute Bullish Swipe 8 times.

Bullish Swipe : Large cone AoE telegraphed in front of the boss that deals heavy damage and a Vulnerability Up.

Bullish Swing : Wide circle AoE around the boss. Walk away directly.

Thundercall : Raid buster and spawn Ball of Levin all over the arena.

Disorienting Groan : The boss will eject everyone out of the arena. Position yourself close to the center.

Add Floor 60 : Ball of Levin

Spells :

Shock : The Ball of Levin will explode in a small AoE in a telegraphed circle around it.

Floor 61 - 70

Starting on this set, mimics can no longer be stunned.

Autoattacks start to hurt from these floors.

Monster Description Min - Max Floor Solo Difficulty Party Difficulty Aggro Type Patrol
Orthos Pteroc 61 - 63EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Cobra When he dies, he will put a stack of Vulnerability Up to everyone nearby. 61 - 64EasyEasy Sight Yes
Orthos Diplocaulus Be careful not to aggro it at the same time as other monsters, otherwise it may grant them an Evasion Up buff. 61 - 64EasyEasy Proximity No
Orthos Matamata 61 - 64EasyEasy Sight No
Orthoninja Watch out for his Assassinate spell which will finish off any player who is too low in HP. 62 - 69EasyEasy Proximity Yes
Orthos Monitor 62 - 66EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Gowrow Be careful, he will make an attack in front of him and behind him, in any order, dodge them, otherwise it will kill you. 63 - 69CautionCaution Sight Yes
Orthos Drake Grants himself a buff that will hurt attackers, wait for the buff to end to attack again or stun him first. 64 - 69CautionCaution Sight No
Orthos Anala 65 - 69EasyEasy Sight No
Haokah Perfected Has a spell that will randomly eject people near him. 66 - 69CautionCaution Sight No
Orthos Basilisk 66 - 69EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Palleon Pulls the player towards him and he will very quickly cast his Body Slam, which will kill you if you stay close to him. 66 - 69ScaryScary Sight No
Orthos Falak Has an "Electric Cachexia" cast that will kill anyone hit, prepare your stun or hide behind walls if needed. This spell activates as soon as a player is away from him and the Falak is in combat. 67 - 69CautionScary Sight No

Boss Floor 70 : Aeturna

When the boss casts Preternatural Turn with the green crystals, always aim for the place where the farthest crystal is of the 4 to place yourself, this will be your safe zone. If the boss casts Preternatural Turn with its green aura, the crystals will explode with a large circle around them, leaving only a small safe area in its hitbox in the direction of the farthest crystal. When he casts Preternatural Turn without a green aura, stand after the furthest green crystal on one of its sides near the edge of the arena, being careful not to be in their attack cone, because the crystals will make a very large cone attack about 160° outward from the arena.

Spells :

Steel Claw : Tank buster

Ferocity : Link on a random target, to stretch until the arrows disappear otherwise you will suffer heavy damage and a stack of Vulnerability Up.

Preternatural Turn : Attack in donuts with only the hitbox of the safe boss if he absorbs green auras. When he casts the spell but without any apparent aura, it will be a wide AoE in a circle around him, stay away in this case.

Roar : Crumble rocks and crystals on the ground, avoid them. The green crystals will remain and launch an attack for the next Preternatural Turn mechanic.

Floor 71 - 80

From these floors, if you see an Auto-heal Penalty in a floor you can use a Storms to clear faster with a Fortune.

Monster Description Min - Max Floor Solo Difficulty Party Difficulty Aggro Type Patrol
Orthos Primelephas Do an AoE around him almost directly after his charge that will kill those hit. Get away quickly. 71 - 73EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Coeurl As a party, stay close, or go behind the decorations to dodge attacks. Beware if you are behind him to his Tail Swing attack which will be fatal if you are not careful. 71 - 73EasyCaution Sight Yes
Orthos Unicorn Regularly ejects the targeted person backwards. 71 - 74EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Toco Toco Don't stand in front of him when he casts his cast. 71 - 74EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Gulo Gulo Pay attention to his double attack in front of him, the second is not telegraphed and will kill you if you stand in front of him. 72 - 76CautionCaution Sight No
Orthos Wolf Inflicts a dot that can do quite a bit of damage, don't attack it if you're already busy with another monster. 74 - 76CautionEasy Sight No
Orthos Thunberbeast Attention this creature prepares a reaping around him which will kill the people who remain nearby, the casting time is not visible, the only visual of the preparation of the attack is when this one tilts his head or display the actions launched by the enemies in your log to know if it prepares the attack. Also be careful not to stay too far away if he casts Spark, which is a great donuts AoE, but unlike his melee attack, this attack has a visible cast bar. 74 - 76CautionCaution Sight Yes
Orthos Kargas If he casts Winds of Winter, hide behind the walls. 75 - 79CautionCaution Sight No
Bird of Orthos Don't look him when he does his gaze spell. Otherwise you will suffer confusion, followed shortly by an untelegraphed AoE on the person in confusion which will kill them and everyone nearby. 75 - 79EasyEasy Sight No
Orthokunoichi Watch out for his Assassinate spell which will finish off any player who is too low in HP. 71 - 79EasyEasy Proximity Yes
Orthos Sasquatch The most dangerous creature on this set of floors, once it uses Ripe Banana while out of combat, which will grant it a damage bonus, the Sasquatch, if it is still out of combat, will throw little time after a Chest Thump, which will kill everyone in a large area around it. Stay hidden behind decorations if you must see one. Do not hesitate to attack them quickly to prevent them from buffing themselves and launch their devastating attack. 76 - 79ScaryScary Sight No
Orthos Skatene Watch out for his Chirp, which will put everyone nearby to sleep, you can get behind the decorations, move away or stun him to dodge the effect. 77 - 79CautionCaution Sound No
Orthos Flamebeast Has a very wide AoE, stay next to him to get behind him. 77 - 79EasyEasy Sight No

Boss Floor 80 : Proto-Kaliya

The first difficulty for this boss will be to place you on the right side to dodge the attacks while dodging the attacks of the drones that cross the entire arena, the easiest technique to avoid the left right, is to stand in front of the boss, and only move for his attack in front. The second difficulty will be to position yourself well with your positive or negative charge, because when the boss will cast Nerve Gas Ring, for his donut attack around him, you will be stunned, and either you will be thrown backwards if you are of the same charge as the drone with which you are linked, or you will be attracted to it if you are of the opposite charge. So stand slightly to the side so that you are on a line juxtaposed to the boss's hitbox or you can also place yourself on the edge of the arena in front of the drone to which you are linked by being slightly offset on the left or the right to avoid the attack of the drone. In solo, for dps, use a Steel to decrease the damage of the tank buster.

Spells :

Resonance : Tank buster.

Barofield : Spawns an area in the boss's hitbox and around the edges of the arena, which will kill anyone who touches it.

Nanospore Jet : Positive or negative charges players in the arena as well as drones outside the arena.

Rightward Nerve Gas : AoE on the whole half of the arena from the side of his right head (Right front paw to left hind paw for the AoE limit).

Leftward Nerve Gas : AoE on the whole half of the arena from the side of his left head (Left front paw to right hind paw for the AoE limit).

Centralized Nerve Gas : AoE in wide cone in front of the boss from its middle head (Left front paw to right front paw for AoE limit).

Nerve Gas Ring : AoE in donuts all over the arena, leaving only a small area around the safe boss.

Floor 81 - 90

As for 71, except that there if you are not a full party or solo take advantage directly if you see an Auto-heal Penalty in the floor you can use a Storms to clear faster with a Fortune.

If you are just in time use a Onion demiclone on the boss.

Monster Description Min - Max Floor Solo Difficulty Party Difficulty Aggro Type Patrol
Orthos Hecteyes He will cast Catharsis once low in HP, run to get behind the decorations or get out of his AoE. 81 - 83CautionCaution Sound No
Orthos Catoblepas Pay attention to his gaze spell which applies Petrification, it has a very large area of ​​effect, it casts it out and into combat. 81 - 84CautionCaution Sight No
Orthoiron Corse Watch out for his attack in front of him when he freezes. 81 - 84CautionCaution Proximity Yes
Orthos Persona 81 - 83EasyEasy Proximity No
Orthos Deepeye Applies a stack of Vulnerability Up to people within range. 83 - 86EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Gourmand Don't stand in front of it after being sucked in. 84 - 87EasyEasy Sight Yes
Orthos Abyss 84 - 87EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Pudding Stay close to dodge his attacks. 84 - 87EasyEasy Sight No
Orthos Spartoi Don't stay in front of him when he casts Triple Trial. 85 - 89CautionCaution Sight No
Orthos Specter Pay attention to his left/right attack, as well as his Surrounding Burst which will be a circle attack around him and Ringing Burst which will be a donut attack. 86 - 89ScaryScary Proximity Yes
Orthos Pegasus Watch out for his quick Nicker cast after the charge, which will be an AoE in a circle around him, get away quickly. 86 - 89CautionCaution Sight No
Orthos Wraith Will cast Scream which is a circle attack around him, quickly run as far as you can otherwise you will get the Terror effect. 86 - 89ScaryScary Proximity No
Orthos Ahriman Don't stay too far away to dodge his wide attack that he launches in front of him. 88 - 89EasyEasy Sight No

Boss Floor 90 : Administrator

For this boss, there are 3 types of attacks to pay attention to. Interception Sequence, you will have to watch the attack order above the interceptors and move after each attack to dodge the next one. You'll have cone, line, and donut attacks. Once the interceptors have finished their attack, the boss will do one as well, either in donuts or in a circle. The second type of attack is Parallel Execution, all along two sides of the arena, you will have drones that will shoot in line in front of them, on both sides at the same time and in sequence , in addition to having AoE underfoot to dodge. Wait until you see the attack's laser beam to cross. The third type of attack is Salvo Script, there will be a series of rays in line on 2 sides of the arena and on the other two sides, 2 rays in cones, to know the square where there will be the safe zone, watch the orientation of the two attacks in cones, and where there is no attack in line. In solo, for dps, use a Steel to reduce the damage taken.

Spells :

Support Systems : Spawns a series of Interceptors on the arena.

Interception Sequence : Give the attack order to the Interceptors which will start at one through three. The order will be apparent above each Interceptor.

Cross Lasers : Cross AoE on the boss, stay intercardinal sides of the boss outside of the hitbox.

Laserstream : Raid buster.

Parallel Execution : Gives the command to attack in sequence on both sides of the Interceptor arena.

Homing Lasers : Circles AoE that appear under each of the players.

Salvo Script : Gives the attack command for all Interceptors at the edge of the arena to attack at the same time.

Peripheral Lasers : Donuts AoE around the boss who will only leave a part inside his safe hitbox.

Add Floor 90 : Interceptor α

Spells :

Aetherochemical Laser α : Cone AoE in front of the Interceptor.

Add Floor 90 : Interceptor β

Spells :

Aetherochemical Laser β : Line AoE in front of the Interceptor.

Add Floor 90 : Interceptor γ

Spells :

Aetherochemical Laser γ : Donuts AoE around the Interceptor.

Floor 91 - 99

The same as the 81, if you are not a full party or solo take advantage directly if you see an Auto-heal Penalty in the floor you can use a Storms to clear faster with a Fortune.

If you have kept Safety/Sights well, use them in separate ways one per floor, this will make 6 floors where you can feel a little quieter (use them as late as possible to have absolutely some on the last floors for example 93-98).

Save as much Serenity as possible for the later floors when you need to use a Dread, it would be annoying to have Item Penalty preventing you from clearing a desired floor.

If you have affluence, pop it as soon as possible.

Be very careful of patrols and pick off mobs in areas where you know you will have a place to hide from patrols.

Steel req: For DPS (in general). Tanks can get away with mostly anything.

If you have still an Onion demiclone, you can use it on the boss.

Monster Description Min - Max Floor Solo Difficulty Party Difficulty Aggro Type Patrol
Orthosystem α Do not stand in front of him during Aetherochemical Laser α. 91 - 93CautionCaution Proximity No
Orthodrone Before dying, it will launch a Self-detonate, do not stay near it. 91 - 93CautionCaution Proximity No
Orthosystem γ High Voltage is a very large circle AoE around him, if no one can interrupt him, run away from him. For its Repelling Cannons attack, move away, for Ring Cannon, stay close. 91 - 93ScaryScary Proximity Yes
Orthos Mining Drone Do not stand in front of him during Aetherochemical Cannon. 91 - 93CautionCaution Sound No
Orthos Motherbit Do not stand in front of him during Citadel Buster. 93 - 98CautionCaution Proximity No
Servomechanical Orthotaur Same as regular minotaurs, watch out for cone attack and around him. 93 - 98CautionCaution Sight Yes
Orthos Zaghnal He can cast very large AoE while out of combat, be careful when you need to pass close. 93 - 98CautionCaution Sight No
Orthos Sphinx Do not stand in front of him during Swinge. 94 - 98CautionCaution Sight No
Orthos Fitter He can cast very large AoE while out of combat, be careful when you need to pass close. 96 - 98CautionCaution Sight No
Orthonaught Do not stay in front of him during Rotoswipe. 96 - 98CautionCaution Sight No
Servomechanical Orthochimera Has the same spells as regular chimeras but she will use extra attacks for her right and left head. Also watch out for players who would go behind her, she launches a small cone attack behind her very quickly. 96 - 98ScaryScary Sight Yes
Orthos Durga Inflicts a confusion effect on a random player that will prevent them from moving, followed by an AoE on the same person, once the control is over, move quickly. 96 - 98ScaryScary Proximity No
Orthos Mithridates Stand behind her when she uses Laserblade. 96 - 98CautionCaution Sight No

Boss Floor 99 : Excalibur

The boss will apply with Paradoxum a fire or ice debuff on each player. To survive each mechanic, you will have to take the opposing debuff, during the Thermal Divide attack, you will only have to go to the opposing side of the active element on your character, avoiding the swords. In cases where the boss is charging an element, have an opposing debuff to the element it is charging, as the raid buster will arrive some time later and you will die if you don't have the opposing element. So for example, if you're fire, and he casts Flameforge, would you get in the path of an ice sword to receive the ice debuff. For its Exglacialis attack, place yourself in a hollow of a star, looking at the branches of the other two, in general you should easily find a small safe zone without thinking too much. Then for his Exflammeus attack, just head into the AoE that grow bigger and wait for them to explode to cross. In solo, for dps, use a Steel to reduce the damage taken.

Spells :

Paradoxum : Raid buster that applies "Soul of Ice" or "Soul of Fire" debuff to each player.

Caliburni : Will summon a series of swords to the sides of the arena that will attack over the entire marked area but also mirror the other half as they cross the arena. Swords will have elements, fire or ice at times during combat which will apply the same element to players hit by them.

Thermal Divide : Divides the arena in two with an area in the middle that will kill players who remain in it at the end of the cast. Each of the halves will have its element, fire or ice depending on the aura emanating from the boss for each side.

Call Dimension Blade : Prepares his next attack.

Solid Souls' Caliber : AoE in a circle around him, move away. There will also be either red AoE all over the floor to dodge or a green cone around him with spaces between each AoE that will be safe.

Frostforge : Prepare your next raid buster which will be of the ice element. Be of the fire element to survive.

Exglacialis : Will spawn 3 stars AoE on the ground, stand in the hollow of one of the stars, looking to see if any of the branches of the stars of the other two are pointing at you.

Empty Souls' Caliber : AoE in donuts around him, go to his hitbox. Be careful, if green AoEs also appear not to be on one of the AoE.

Flameforge : Prepares his next raid buster which will be of the fire element. Be ice element to survive.

Exflammeus : Spawns a series of fire AoE on the ground that will grow and explode one after another. Easiest to dodge AoE and head towards bigger ones that will explode and enter the area when they explode in front of you.

Congratulations if you made it to the end!