Add with Update 6.3

Add with Update 6.3

Add already made :

  • Adds The Shifting Gymnasion Agonon & Timeworn Ophiotauroskin Map.
  • Add new dungeon, trial, extreme, alliance raid and unreal.
  • Add new emote.
  • Add the new custom deliveries.
  • Add new Aethersand with Aetherial.

Work in progress :

  • Add and update treasure map loot 90.
  • Add new creatures to capture in Island Sanctuary.

Upcoming add :

  • Add new sector for free company submersible.
  • Add new crafting macros.
  • Add new meld examples with crafter and Gatherer equipment.

Previous fix/update :

  • Add/update information for fates.
  • Add spells for the special fates : Behemoth, Odin, Coeurlregina, Noctilucale, Ixion.
  • Update Tamamo Gozen fates spell descriptions.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying some items as fates rewards.
  • Update colors of loot by sector for the submersible and airship with the black theme.
  • Correction in errors translation of some spells for floor monsters in the potd and hoh.
  • Add SS rank spells for the hunt Endwalker.
  • Upgrade display of some information/images for several pages on smartphones.
  • Fix a dark theme display issue on smartphone.