Add with Update 6.4

Add with Update 6.4

Add already made :

  • Add new emote.

  • Add new dungeon, trial, extreme, raid and unreal.

  • Add new crafting macros.

  • Add new Glioaether.

  • Update submarine stats.

  • Update tomestones for hunting and Endwalker relic.

  • Add new treasure map loot 90.

Work in progress / Upcoming add :

  • Add new sector for free company submersible.

  • Add new rare animals to capture in Island Sanctuary.

  • Add the new route for the Ocean Fishing.

Previous fix/updates:

  • Update spawn points for some Endwalker monsters.
  • Add the complete list of elements and a simulator for the build of submarines and airships via the Free Company page.
  • Add new emote.
  • Add a new page for Resistance Armors of Shadowbringers.