Preparation for Dawntrail

Preparation for Dawntrail

Add already done :

  • Add Dawntrail category for dungeons, trials, raids, and ultimate.
  • In Trials, the Endwalker Unreal category will be removed after maintenance begins.
  • Add new Dawntrail hunt page.
  • Add the page for special deliveries from Tuliyollal.
  • Add the link for Dawntrail Aethersand on the Gatherer page.
  • Add the Dawntrail category for aether currents, tribal quests, and Sightseeing Log.
  • Preparation of the new Dawntrail dungeon and treasure maps.
  • Preparation of links to FATEs in the new areas.

All Dawntrail data will be progressively added in the days/weeks following the release of the expansion.

Previous corrections/modifications:

  • A summary has been added to the emote page.
  • Direct selection of hunt monsters has been implemented in the hunt page summaries.
  • Modifications have been made to the hunt tool.
  • Aethersands and Glioaethers with their appearance locations/times have been moved to separate pages. Aethersands will no longer be removed after expansion changes. Links are accessible via the Gathering page in the "Aetherial" category.
  • An error in the alerts for Aethersands has been corrected.
  • The Shadowbringers sands on the Gathering page are present again.
  • Add a feature to display already obtained spells as well as those remaining on the Blue Mage spells page. Icons have also been added for better visibility in spell locations.
  • Other improvements have been made to the main page and the entire site.