Gardening can be done via pots in an apartment or house, but mainly thanks to the vegetable patches that you can place in the gardens, the size of the land influences the number of vegetable patches you can place.

What you need to know about topsoil is that when you want to obtain seeds by hybridization, you will have to use Thanalan Topsoil.

On the other hand, if you want to increase the number of cultivated plants (does not work with all plants), you can use Shroud Topsoil, which will double the harvest.

You will have to remember to water your garden once a day, otherwise your plants will be lost.

You can also fertilize your garden with fishmeal which can be crafted in level 5 cook from Lominsan Anchovy (purchasable from NPC).

Fertilization is not mandatory, but it will shorten the flowering time of your plant by an hour.

When you plant your seeds for hybridization, this is taken into account right from the planting stage, so be sure of the order in which you plant your seeds, there are different ways of planting seeds.

Example of two ways of planting, you can also change the first seed planted to obtain hybridization if necessary.

Gardening 1 Gardening 2

For further information, you can also consult the ffxivgardening site.


Type Name
Topsoil QualityGrade 3 La Noscean Topsoil
Topsoil YieldGrade 3 Shroud Topsoil
Topsoil Cross ChanceGrade 3 Thanalan Topsoil

Guide crosses

Result Extremity Middle Extremity
Apricot KernelsCloud Acorn SaplingOld World Fig SeedsCloud Acorn Sapling
Azeyma Rose SeedsChamomile SeedsCoerthan Tea SeedsChamomile Seeds
Blood Pepper SeedsChive SeedsGlazenut SeedsChive Seeds
BroombushBroombush SeedsCloudsbreath SeedsBroombush Seeds
Broombush SeedsAlmond SeedsJute SeedsAlmond Seeds
Chive SeedsDalamud Popoto SetPearl Sprout SeedsDalamud Popoto Set
CloudsbreathBroombush SeedsCloudsbreath SeedsBroombush Seeds
Cloudsbreath SeedsCoerthan Tea SeedsDzemael Tomato SeedsCoerthan Tea Seeds
Curiel Root SeedsChamomile SeedsKrakka Root SeedsChamomile Seeds
Dalamud Popoto SetMidland Cabbage SeedsPearl Sprout SeedsMidland Cabbage Seeds
Glazenut SeedsOld World Fig SeedsPrickly Pineapple SeedsOld World Fig Seeds
Glazenut SeedsApricot KernelsRoyal Kukuru SeedsApricot Kernels
JuteMandrake SeedsJute SeedsMandrake Seeds
JuteJute SeedsSylkis Bud SeedsJute Seeds
JuteAlmond SeedsJute SeedsAlmond Seeds
Jute SeedsStar Anise SeedsAlmond SeedsStar Anise Seeds
Jute SeedsMandrake SeedsJute SeedsMandrake Seeds
Mandragora Queen SeedsMandrake SeedsNymeia Lily SeedsMandrake Seeds
Mimett Gourd SeedsKrakka Root SeedsMandrake SeedsKrakka Root Seeds
Nymeia Lily SeedsMandrake SeedsCoerthan Tea SeedsMandrake Seeds
Pahsana Fruit SeedsKrakka Root SeedsLinseedKrakka Root Seeds
Pearl Roselle SeedsAlmond SeedsShroud Tea SeedsAlmond Seeds
Royal FernBlood Pepper SeedsOld World Fig SeedsBlood Pepper Seeds
Royal Kukuru SeedsOld World Fig SeedsSun Lemon SeedsOld World Fig Seeds
Shroud Tea SeedsCoerthan Tea SeedsLinseedCoerthan Tea Seeds
Star Anise SeedsMandrake SeedsAzeyma Rose SeedsMandrake Seeds
Sylkis Bud SeedsCoerthan Tea SeedsKrakka Root SeedsCoerthan Tea Seeds
Sylkis Bud SeedsAlmond SeedsKrakka Root SeedsAlmond Seeds
Tantalplant SeedsKrakka Root SeedsMidland Basil SeedsKrakka Root Seeds
Thavnairian Onion SeedsJute SeedsSylkis Bud SeedsJute Seeds
Thavnairian Onion SeedsRoyal Kukuru SeedsPahsana Fruit SeedsRoyal Kukuru Seeds
Thavnairian Onion SeedsBroombush SeedsTantalplant SeedsBroombush Seeds
Thavnairian Onion SeedsCuriel Root SeedsBroombush SeedsCuriel Root Seeds
Umbrella Fig SeedsPrickly Pineapple SeedsRoyal Kukuru SeedsPrickly Pineapple Seeds