Hunt Guide

DEAD : The Hunt is unable to spawn.

WINDOW OPEN : The Hunt has a chance to spawn.

MAX/MISSING : The spawn is guarenteed for all A Ranks and Some S Ranks depending on their spawn condition. However, some S Ranks may not be guarenteed to spawn (E.G Spawn via opening maps, fishing certain fish, or through certain weather conditions in the zone).

SNIPED : The Hunt has been killed without being reported onto a Hunt Tracker.

TRACKER : A third-party website used to keep track of all the hunt timers for your server which are manually updated by the community.

MAPPING : When we talk about mapping, it consists in checking all Spawn Points, if a A rank or B rank is on the spawn point, it means that the S rank will not be able to appear at this spawn point. It's worth remembering that the spawn location and spawn time are set when the S rank dies. So you can kill the B ranks that have a short spawn time to "close" the spawn points and find out exactly where is the correct S rank spawn point.

ARR: A Realm Reborn

HW: Heavensward

SB: Stormblood

SHB: Shadowbringers

EW: Endwalker

DT: Dawntrail

There are 3 different Hunt Ranks which exist, which are B, A and S. The hunt marks may not always be up or alive, as once they are killed there is a time before they can respawn again. After a certain amount of time the hunt "WINDOW" will open again and it has a chance of spawning or being alive. The spawn is not "guaranteed" after the window has opened, unless the timer has reached the maximum amount.

B: Only useful if you have a weekly elite mark bill. Respawns after 5 seconds.

A: Typically the most common hunt, their window opens after 4-6 hours after being killed. Servers will often organise "trains" where people go around killing every A rank in the worlds to maximise rewards.

S & SS: This is the rarest Hunt Rank, and most of them need to meet special conditions or for players to do something in the zone to spawn them for others. The Respawn timer depends on the expansion - i.e. ARR have short timers (50-84h) and HW, SB and SHB have much longer respawn timers (84-132h).

S and A ranks have the same icon, but you can recognise S ranks from the name, size and that they can be visible anywhere on the map, unlike A or B ranks. S Ranks also relay a message into the chat box saying: "You Sense the Presense of a Powerful Mark..."

Hunt trackers that announce the spawns of S Ranks/FATES, but are managed by small groups of players on the data centers, and where these individuals impose their own rules on other players under the threat of insulting/harassing them, should no longer be used. Furthermore, if you are a victim of harassment by one of these individuals, please do not hesitate to report it in-game so that appropriate action can be taken.

To only keep track of the respawn time, it is recommended to use a private tracker or to use a public tracker where anyone can report the death of an S rank and view the mappings without access restrictions by players when the website provides this option.

Hunt linkshells are most often used for hunt, special fates, or even fates achievements. Don't hesitate to shout a message in the capitals or during a hunt/special fates that you are looking for a hunt linkshell to receive an invitation for it. For example "Looking for hunt ls".

Recommended Trackers :

Bear Tracker (Public tracker) (Public tracker)

Eorzea World (Private tracker)

FFXIVHunt (Private tracker)

If you find or spawn a hunt you can link it to a linkshell using a Hunt Macro / Parameter.


<flag> Links the last flag which was placed on your map (You can place a flag by pressing Control + Right Click on PC, or pressing R1 on the map on PS4).

<pos> Links your current position.

<t> Link the target name.

<thpp> Links the targets HP percantage.

sh Sends a message to all PCs in the same area.

y Sends a message to all PCs within a large radius.

cd 10 Initiates a countdown starting at ten seconds.


/sh S Rank | <t> <pos>

/ls1 S Rank | <t> <pos>

/cwls1 [Server] S Rank | <t> <pos>

/ls1 A Rank | <flag>

/cwls1 [Server] A Rank | <flag>

/ls1 Special FATE <flag>

/cwls1 [Server] Special FATE <flag>

/y Pulling in 10 secondes