Studium Deliveries


Studium Deliveries are of the same type as Crystarium Deliveries. Each Disciple of the Hand or Land will be able to progress through one of five series of quests associated with the different facets of the Crystalline Mean. Each delivery requires 6 turn-ins of 1-3 items. These items can be normal quality, high quality, or a mix of both, but each individual turn-in must consist of matching quality. It's also possible to "mix and match" which class is getting the experience, as you can make any number of turn-ins at a time.


Quest : The Faculty

Quest Giver : Qih Aliapoh

Old Sharlayan X: 4.0 Y: 9.4

Faculty of Archaeology

Quest : Professor Rurusha's New Friend

Quest Giver : Boric

Blacksmith, Armorer, or Goldsmith Lv. 80

Old Sharlayan X: 4.2 Y: 9.4

Requirements Items

Lvl 80 Set of Gold Plating x6

Lvl 83 Gold Cog x6

Lvl 85 Gold Motor Component x6

Lvl 85 (Quest) Gold Core x1

Lvl 88 Gold Mechanical Voice Box x6

Lvl 90 (Quest) Gold Connector x1

Faculty of Astronomy

Quest : In Search of the Azure Star

Quest Giver : Jude

Carpenter, Leatherworker, or Weaver Lv. 80

Old Sharlayan X: 4.1 Y: 9.1

Requirements Items

Lvl 80 Starlens Brace x6

Lvl 83 Aetherial Lens x6

Lvl 85 Aetherial Amplifier x6

Lvl 85 (Quest) Writing Utensils x1

Lvl 88 Aetherial Conductor x6

Lvl 90 (Quest) Starlens Wand x1

Faculty of Medicine

Quest : Perfectly Awful

Quest Giver : Debroye

Alchemist or Culinarian Lv. 80

Old Sharlayan X: 4.2 Y: 9.2

Requirements Items

Lvl 80 Panaloaf Sweetener x6

Lvl 83 Panaloaf Yeast x6

Lvl 85 Panaloaf Oil x6

Lvl 85 (Quest) Golden Spice x1

Lvl 88 Ascorbic Additive x6

Lvl 90 (Quest) Sharlayan Fishcake Ingredient x1

Faculty of Anthropology

Quest : Cultured Pursuits

Quest Giver : Hinageshi

Miner or Botanist Lv. 80

Old Sharlayan X: 4.0 Y: 9.3

Requirements Items

Lvl 80 Hannish Staple x6

Lvl 83 Garlean Staple x6

Lvl 85 Lunar Staple x6

Lvl 85 (Quest) Hairpin Material x1

Lvl 88 Elpis Staple x6

Lvl 90 (Quest) Eternity Ring Material x1

Faculty of Aetherology

Quest : Fear the Thesis

Quest Giver : T'laqa Tia

Fisher Lv. 80

Old Sharlayan X: 4.2 Y: 9.5

Requirements Items

Lvl 80 Giant Aetherlouse x6

Lvl 83 Garjana Wrasse x6

Lvl 85 Garlean Clam x6

Lvl 85 (Quest) Alnairan Salmon x1

Lvl 88 Smaragdos x6

Lvl 90 (Quest) Lunar Lamenter x1