Add with Update 6.3

Add with Update 6.3

Add already made :

  • Adds The Shifting Gymnasion Agonon & Timeworn Ophiotauroskin Map.
  • Add new dungeon, trial, extreme, alliance raid and unreal.
  • Add new emote.
  • Add the new custom deliveries.
  • Add new Aethersand with Aetherial.

Work in progress :

  • Add and update treasure map loot 90.
  • Add new creatures to capture in Island Sanctuary.

Upcoming add :

  • Add new sector for free company submersible.
  • Add new crafting macros.
  • Add new meld examples with crafter and Gatherer equipment.

Previous fix/update :

  • Add/update information for fates.
  • Add spells for the special fates : Behemoth, Odin, Coeurlregina, Noctilucale, Ixion.
  • Update Tamamo Gozen fates spell descriptions.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying some items as fates rewards.
  • Update colors of loot by sector for the submersible and airship with the black theme.
  • Correction in errors translation of some spells for floor monsters in the potd and hoh.
  • Add SS rank spells for the hunt Endwalker.
  • Upgrade display of some information/images for several pages on smartphones.
  • Fix a dark theme display issue on smartphone.
Update 6.2

Update 6.2

Following the 6.2 update, some changes have been made or are in progress:

- Updated hunt rewards.

- Updated crafting macros in crafting.

- Added new emote.

- Added new dungeons, raids and trials.

- Added new treasure map loot.

- Added new submersible sectors.

- Added Island Sanctuary in the weather tool.

Data for submersible will arrive gradually over the next few days/weeks and will be added over time.

In previous changes:

- Added lodestone links for items displayed in the Fates rewards.

- Added and changed information on the Palace of the Dead page.

Add Variant Dungeons page

Add Variant Dungeons page

A new page has been added in the Raids & Dungeons section: Variant Dungeons.

These will be a new type of dungeons with a harder version which will be the Criterion Dungeons that will be coming to the game soon.

 New Custom Deliveries and Beast Tribe

New Custom Deliveries and Beast Tribe

- Ameliance Custom Deliveries have been added

- The new Arkasodara Beast Tribe has been added.

During the last few weeks, there have also been slight corrections and additions of certain spells to the Palace of the Dead page.

Added new emotes to the emotes page and changed how to get some of them.

Added sea of ​​clouds map for airship on free company page.

As well as various other changes.

 Add new section (Relic)

Add new section (Relic)

A new section has been added to the site, this one concerns relics.

The Eureka weapons and Eureka gear pages of Stormblood have been set up as well as the page concerning the resistance weapons of Shadowbringers.

Update 6.1

Update 6.1

The updating of various information on the pages has started since Tuesday.

The affected pages are: Dungeons, Trials, Raids, Crafting, Gathering, Treasure Maps, Emotes and Free Company.

Information is being added gradually and will continue to arrive over the days, mainly for submersible loot on the Free Company page with new sectors.

Apart from the new information in Update 6.1, various updates have been made to private trackers to fix spawn windows (from Garlok in particular). Unification of users list and waiting users under one list for ease of use.

Filters for weathers have also received an update, only weathers for the chosen area will appear in the list of applicable filters available.

Complete Guide to the Heaven-on-High

Complete Guide to the Heaven-on-High

A new page in the Raids & Dungeons section has been added, this one concerns the Heaven-on-High.

It is similar to the Palace of the Dead guide.

It's a complete guide with information on nearly 150 monsters and boss that run through the HoH.

For each monster and boss their spells have been detailed.

The guide will help you whether in a party or solo to complete the HoH.

Good luck in your try!

Added hunting tool

Added hunting tool

Adding of a new tool reserved for users with an account on the site.

This tool allows you to create your own hunt tracker whether it's for S Rank, A Rank or Fates  and thus know the respawn time.

Trackers are private and cannot be seen by other users until you allow them to. You can create a maximum of one tracker per user, but you have no limit to join another user's tracker (as long as they accept your request).

For more information, you can go to the "Hunt" section of the "Hunt Tracker" site.

Additional Info for Eureka

Additional Info for Eureka

Information on farming mutations in Eureka that allows you to obtain the various chests and rare rewards that have a some value has been added to the page.

Corrections in the description of obtaining some emotes have been made.

An error in some links to the Lodestone for the English version of the site has been corrected.

Complete guide to the Palace of the Dead

Complete guide to the Palace of the Dead

A new page in the Raids & Dungeons section has been added, this one concerns the Palace of the Dead.
It's a complete guide with information on the over 250 monsters and boss that run through the Potd.
For each monster and boss their spells have been detailed.
The guide will help you whether in a party or solo to complete the Potd.
Good luck in your try!

Add page on Eureka

Add page on Eureka

A new page has been added in the General part, this one concerns Eureka and more precisely the quests to be done, all the indications to accomplish the quests have been put, links for additional information on Eureka have been added.

Other latest news from the site, information concerning the quest "Feast of Famine" which is in Limsa, has been added in the Gathering page.

What is more, a new option to the weather tool has been added to allow you to choose a previous weather when a current weather is selected, this can be useful when you want to catch a certain type of fish during a weather change specific.

About the latest changes

About the latest changes

To keep you up to date with the site, here is a list that broadly includes the changes of the last few months:

- Updated information on actions in Bozja.

- Correction and display of the real-time date of the world of Eorzea in the weather tool

- Updated fragment drops in different instances related to Bozja.

- Added the latest emotes.

- Responsive display of maps in the free company part.

- Added the latest routes on the Sea of Jade map in the free company section.

- Addition of information concerning all the zones for ocean fishing in the gathering part.

- Fixed an issue that prevented the creation of a new account on the site.

New theme

New theme

A dark theme option has been added in the user profile, once activated and registered you will have the whole site in dark theme when you are logged in.

First additions for 5.5

First additions for 5.5

Update 5.5 is coming soon, so different parts of the site have new content added, although all of the information will mainly be added on the day of the update.

Here is the information already available today on the site:

The new normal, extreme and unreal trial :

The new raid nier 24:

New custom deliveries:

Added the Ehll Tou quest link to the lodestone for custom deliveries.

The new dungeon and emotes will be added on the update day. Submarine loots, treasure map loot rewards will be updated in the days following the update.

Concerning the rest of the site, improvements have been made in the referencing, and an RSS feed has been set up which you can find in the description of the home page of the site.

New information page for Bozja

New information page for Bozja

A new information page has appeared on the site, this one concerns the Bozja front in the General tab.

This page will first help you know where and how to get your shares.

A map with a few basic locations is available, and a full list of actions with each monster, vendor, and chest that gives fragments is made available.

No more wasting your time looking, you have all the information in one page!

The page will be enriched with additional information in the future.

Information for the month of March

Information for the month of March

Changes have been made to the macro part:

  • The "Targets" part has been renamed to "Battles".
  • Combat controls have been added to the list.

Contact problems:

  • There is no longer any problem via the contact form due to the fire in the OVH datacenter for the email exchange.
  • The site may experience times of downtime or slowdown following the incident with the OVH datacenter. In this case, try to refresh the page after a few minutes.

If you encounter any concerns, do not hesitate to contact us using the form "Contact".

Update for this week

Update for this week

Various changes have been made to the weather tool with the addition of the Eorzean date and its lunar cycle, but also the choice of weather to display, if you want to see the time only for a specific weather.

A link for donations has been added at the bottom of the site for people who would like to participate in some way to support Eorzea World.

Access to the contact form has been moved to the "About" page to further refine the navigation bar.

The invitation link for the discord has also been set up in "About".


The Eorzea World team wishes you a good day!

Upgrade for the weather tool

Upgrade for the weather tool

The weather tool has been improved to display up to 500 weather changes for the desired area in selection which allows weather forecasting up to a week in advance.

Icons for the weather and the format of the dates on which the weather changes occur have also been changed.

 Eorzea World opens its doors!

Eorzea World opens its doors!

The site is finally online for the end of January 2021!

This is a start for Eorzea World, and I hope you find the information on the site useful.

The site will grow over the months with new information / pages that will be added to what already exists.

Have fun everyone!