Add with Update 6.5

Add with Update 6.5

Add already done :

  • Add new emote.
  • Add new dungeon, trial, extreme, alliance raid and unreal.
  • Margrat Custom Deliveries have been added.

Work in progress / Upcoming add :

  • Update submarine stats.
  • Add and updates treasure map 90 loots.
  • Add new maritime zones for Free Company Submersible.
  • Add new Glioaether.
  • Add new rare animals to capture in Island Sanctuary.

Previous fix/updates:

  • Add new emote.
  • Fix in the weather tool for the selection and display of certain EW and HW weathers with the "previous weather" option.
  • Add new page in the General category on the Vocabulary used in FFXIV.
  • Add checkbox to (de)select all alerts in the ARR Sightseeing Log.
  • Along with the selection checkbox, a script has been implemented to save the selected alerts.
  • The option to display the date and time of the next window for the exploration location has also been added to the Sightseeing Log (by clicking on the weather box for the exploration location).
  • A script overhaul for displaying the date and time of capturing island animals has been carried out.
  • A new page to save your progress on your relics has been set up in the Relic category. You can now save at which step you are for each relic from each expansion (Page available when logged into the site).
  • An error in the weather for capturing the "Alkonost" animal on the Island Sanctuary had been fix.
  • An error in displaying the date of the next capturing window on the Island Sanctuary (only for the "Alkonost" animal), as well as for some windows in the recent new option of the Sightseeing Log, had also been fix.
  • The currently/previous selected weathers in the weather tool are directly deselected when you change the zone to prevent display errors.
  • A script similar to that of the Sightseeing Log has been implemented for Island Sanctuary animal alerts, and the choice of alerts is now saved.
  • A checkbox to (de)select all Island Sanctuary animal alerts has been added.
  • Some modifications in the display of the S/A ranks and FATES in the site tracker have been implemented.
  • A new option in the weather tool has been added, allowing you to display the date and time of the next chosen moon phase. Prepare your best photos more easily on full moon nights for Halloween!
  • Add the "Amethyst Spriggan" which was missing on the Island Sanctuary page.

Thank you to people who send messages request for add functionality, thank you messages, or report one or another error present on a page.
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